Crazy, Artsy New Sculpture In Hubei Represents Romance, Or Something

This bizarre and awkwardly beautiful sculpture appeared in Shiyan, Hubei province recently, titled something like “The Expression of Sex” (alternatively, “Sexual Expression,” or something to that effect). While considered outré by local standards, I believe its artistic merits justify the more vulgar elements, i.e. the flaunting flesh, for in this carving I see the contemporary acrobatics that this society’s men must perform on a daily basis, they who struggle, sometimes valiantly and sometimes toward purely selfish ends, to keep the zaftig desires, lusts, and loves of our times from slipping into their face and suffocating them with their demands, or up and leaving this grotesque pedestal, which itself is a symbol.

Or this could just be another example of porking pigs. That would certainly make me happy as well.

Indeed, authorities say the sculpture represents “romance,” which is about the worst thing it could represent. (H/T Alicia)

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    1. Gay_Chevara

      It’s like Chinese have no idea of boundaries or reference points with which to make comparisons. So they end up doing weird shit like this. It won’t be long before we see ‘sculptures’ of teenagers 69-ing each other in front of a high school with the title ‘Forever 2gether’.


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