Foreigner Gets Ass Kicked After Chinese Security Guard Understands The English Words “Fuck You”


Here’s another reminder that being a flagrant asshole to others can have consequences. A foreigner recently got the crap kicked out of him by security guards after he said “fuck you” to one of them in English. According to The Nanfang (via Southern Metropolis Daily), the incident happened last Friday in Tianhe District in Guangzhou when a foreigner was told he’d have to use a cargo elevator because his luggage was too heavy.

After the salty words (“fuck you”), the security guard responded, “You are rubbish.” And then the foreigner said, according to Southern Metropolis Daily (probably [sic]), “What’s the hell bullshit are you talking about?”

Bad things ensued, as The Nanfang relays:

A fist fight then ensued involving four other security guards who helped beat up the foreigner for around 10 minutes.

The foreigner was hospitalized and the security guard was taken to Linhe Street Police Station where he confessed to throwing the first punch but refused to apologise.

When it was discovered that the foreigner had missed his flight home because he needed to receive treatment, the security guard was ordered to apologise and pay his medical fees.

Neither party comes out of this looking very good — especially not the side that put on the four-on-one beat-down — but it’s nice to see the foreigner will soon be “home,” where surely he can say “fuck you” to anyone he wants — in any language! — without repercussion.

The episode reminds us of a certain edition of Laowai Comics, the top panel of which is above. Go check out the rest of it – and remember to come back tomorrow morning for the newest comic.

    9 Responses to “Foreigner Gets Ass Kicked After Chinese Security Guard Understands The English Words “Fuck You””

    1. wafflestomp

      Had it been four foreigners beating one Chinese man, this would cause a national uproar. If saying bad words was cause to shit kick someone, I’d see fights going on hourly here in this “paradise” country.

      • Jahar

        And it’s not just some thug on the street. It’s the buildings security guards. Security guards. he had to apologize. In Canada, all 4 would have been fired and charged with assault. Actually, It just wouldn’t have happened.

    2. narsfweasels

      I’ll chosen words and should not have struck first, show respect to other people even if they cannot show it to you.

      But yeah, four on one is a bit cowardly.

      • D

        Are you new to this site?

        Read through the archives here and on ChinaSmack.

        Four-on-one is almost on the low side. Chinese people only fight when the numbers are grossly in their favor.

        This is why every fight that gets covered is a disgusting gangland beat-down that results in the lone opponent being hospitalized.

        • narsfweasels

          Why on earth would I read ChinaSmack any more? Fauna uses pictures of dead babies to drum up shock views of her website to generate ad revenue.

          Yes, four-on-one is on the low side, but it’s also a “bit” cowardly as opposed to ten-on-one which is “really” cowardly.

    3. Jay K.

      I got into a heated argument with the security guard in the office building I work at here in Dongzhimen, yesterday. He said put it outside and I said I’ve been using the cargo elevator in the morning but at night you guys close the doors next tot he cargo elevator so I can’t go exit the building. They said park it outside, and I said no, because last month my e-bike got stolen and that was security ressponsibility and no one in the building is giving me compensation for that. My boss is fine with me putting the bike in the office, so why is there a problem.

      I’m not saying I was right in arguing and yelling (no I did not cuss out the security personnel) but I am sick and tired of having my e-bikes stolen in Beijing and the property mgmt won’t take responsibility for it.

      • narsfweasels

        “Troo dat”

        My car has been scratched twice in the apartment complex already – we complained to management whose exact words were “You pay your management fees so we fix things in your building and then charge you, you pay your monthly parking fees for the privilege of MAYBE getting a parking space (we won’t guarantee you a space) and we will take no responsibility for the safety and security of you or your property within the gated compound”

        Same kind of thing occurs in most shops as well. Give us some money, and we’ll see what we can do. Then you can give us even more money once we’ve actually done something.


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