Get Your Creep On At The Jim Boyce-Inspired Momo Party At Fubar Next Monday

Beijing-based hookup app Momo and its 16 million users are about to get a bit less cool. Local nightlife blogger Jim Boyce, as he tells it on Beijing Boyce, has convinced the owner of Fubar to hold a Momo Party next Monday. No, really:

Last week, I found myself sitting next to a group of women in Fubar. They were rather demure until I asked if they knew anything about Momo / 陌陌. That did it: They got out their phones, showed their accounts and explained it to me.

That led to an idea with Kevin Zhang of Fubar to throw a Momo Party next Monday, November 5, with specials on Momojitos and more. Zhang also says he can help the linguistically challenged expatriate who wants to set up a Chinese-language account, although there is also now an English version.

This is simply too rich. Jim Boyce, proprietor of the wine consultancy Grape Wall of China, bon vivant, this guy – 

– is responsible for a Momo Party. What a perfect intersection of professional and hip, foreign and local, middle-aged and young, said nobody.

The big news surrounding the app, of course, is that it’s getting an English version. But why wait? Head on over to Fubar on Monday and learn how to do it like the Chinese do. One quick word of advice though: when you “toss the bottle” in Momo, you’re not fishing for the perfect wine. Unless wine is a metaphor for sex. In which case, totally.

    9 Responses to “Get Your Creep On At The Jim Boyce-Inspired Momo Party At Fubar Next Monday”

    1. bag-o-dicks

      Good work highlighting the disgraceful behaviour shown by a middle-aged (euw) person holding a party!

      Let’s hope in future he has the common courtesy to die at home quietly – and that goes for everyone over 30.

      • Boooooooooya

        Like. Also, I’d be surprised if a hookup app, no matter how young and hip, didn’t soon fill up with middle-aged guys. Especially in China.

        On an opposite note, the app seems to show a preschool girl with a big red bow 0.17km away. Is that what the exclamation mark is for?

    2. Taikongren

      So… is 陌陌 just like Wechat, (威信) which everyone here in Suzhou and Shanghai are using? How is it different?

      • The Tao

        I don’t think Weixin has that winkwink factor — think Grindr or Plenty of Fish. I’m sure plenty of people down south are on Momo as well, considering how fast it’s spread. People may be more reluctant to admit they have a user name though.


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