How Long Will The New York Times Remain Blocked In China? Participate In Our Office Pool

On what day will the NY Times homepage be unblocked in China? Please submit your answer either in the comment section or via email. You can also tweet at us. We will try our best to send a prize to the person who nails the correct date.

For context:

  • Bloomberg has been blocked since July 2012.
  • Sinocism has been blocked since June 2012.
  • Blogspot has been blocked since May 2009.
  • YouTube has been blocked since March 2009.
  • Facebook has been blocked since July 2008.
  • has been blocked since August 2007.
  • Pornhub remains unblocked.

NY Times was harmonized on Friday for this.

(H/T Gareth M.)

    23 Responses to “How Long Will The New York Times Remain Blocked In China? Participate In Our Office Pool”

      • The Tao

        SCMP does really good work, but I hate that it’s buried behind a paywall. In the age of Google and multi-platform information dissemination, I can’t believe that a media organization that actually breaks news would purposefully erect a barrier between readers and their original content, essentially rerouting traffic to competitors.

        • Alinear

          You can get around the SCMP paywall by viewing the source of the article when the login screen comes up. The full text will be included.

    1. big_in_jiangsu

      If Obama wins, the NY Times will resume normal service on Thursday August, 28th, 2013. The Chinese language site will remain blocked.


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