Liquified Gas Tanker Explosion Leaves Death And Destruction In Its Wake

We’ve seen plenty of truck explosions in our time, as recently as last Wednesday. When they involve tankers of the LPG variety, bad results usually ensue. Take note: the accident in August that killed 36 in Shanxi; an oil tanker crash in June that left a city in smoke; a fiery death at the rear of a liquid petroleum truck; and so on. All told, the lesson is pretty clear: tankers explode, and explosions kill.

The latest example: Saturday in Huaihai, Hunan province, a truck carrying liquified gas crashed on a highway just before a tunnel and flipped over. The resulting explosion killed five people and injured two more, including three firefighters. Shanghaiist notes that, tragically, “one of the firefighters killed was due to get married in just a few days,” putting a human touch to what is otherwise yet another Golden Week diasterYouku video for those in China after the jump.

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