Announcing: PSY’s Coming To China! First Mainland Performance Will Be On New Year’s Eve [UPDATE]

Hold your saddles everyone, your favorite horse dancer is coming to China! Unfortunately, his first mainland performance will be in Changsha, as part of Hunan Satellite TV’s “Carnival Week” to ring in the new year.

Amanda, I kid. Changsha is a fine city. Unfortunately, it’s in the middle of nowhere.

Ah, I kid again. It’s not nowhere. Unfortunately, it’s Hunan province.

We linked to this in last night’s East is Read post, but it deserves another look: how racist Americans responded to PSY closing the American Music Awards. I can already see the Weibo messages from China’s angry youth on NYE…

HAI! PSY, get off my TV and go play StarCraft, n00b, speak Chinese you in CHINA.

Eh. Doesn’t quite have the ring as this, does it?

Here’s the official announcement via the Changsha government. We can’t wait for them to pull the rug from under us.

It is reported that Hunan Satellite TV will hold the Carnival Week to celebrate the New Year of 2013 in Changsha for the first time, and South Korean star PSY will put on his first performance in China at the celebration. The details of the performance are under discussion. On December 31, it is much more likely that PSY will stage his funny horse riding dances with Changsha audience.

Hunan Satellite TV has prepared several plans for PSY’s performance. Showing great interest in this celebration, PSY’s agent will gradually finalize the details about PSY’s schedule and songs sang that day.

Also, this deserves reposting, from our Memes this week:

UPDATE, 2:31 pm: As you would expect, lots of people want PSY to perform, so there’s confusion as to when PSY will make his actual China debut. Early indictions are that he’ll almost certainly perform during Spring Festival, most likely as part of CCTV’s big annual gala. reports:

PSY’s first show in China will be hosted by Hunan TV, and the final details are being discussed at this time, according to Xiaoxiang Morning News. Leaked information indicates that this could happen as soon as Dec. 31, 2012.

However, Liao Siyong, the director of Xingfeng Media, denied the news. He said: “This is mere speculation and is impossible.” He said that PSY’s requested fee is three times that of Jay Chou. “Jiangsu TV has already printed advertisements using PSY’s image and is willing to pay one million USD, which is enough to sign PSY for an entire year,” he added.

However, the director said PSY’s biggest desire is to perform during the CCTV Spring Festival Gala next February. He said: “Even if the CCTV Spring Festival Gala pays nothing, he is still willing to perform.”

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