For Her 21st Birthday, This Girl’s Sugar Daddy Gave Her A Dress Made Of Banknotes Worth 200,000 RMB

This People’s Daily headline says it all [sic]: “Girl receive banknote dress from sugardaddy, valued 200,000 rmb.” That’s $32,100.

I can’t say for certain what country’s currency is stitched together to make this dress, but my best guess would be the Vietnamese Dong. (Update, 11:31 pm: Commenter MS just made a convincing case that these bills are Ukrainian, and also why this poor girl probably shouldn’t throw away her Chanel and LV products just yet.) In any case, I can’t imagine it’d be a good idea to wear so much naked moolah on the streets of any country. But something also tells me this girl perhaps doesn’t, how shall we say, care.

Sina Weibo identifies her as @小白儿乖:

In her original Sina Weibo post, she wrote (translation errors mine, though not the [sic] on “Chanel”):

To celebrate this princess’s big 21st birthday, daddy considerately sent an exceedingly gorgeous cream cake, daddy is just the cutest! The most fun is nevertheless this “conjoined banknote dress” I’m wearing apparently worth 200,000 yuan, a present my daddy racked his brains to buy for me, isn’t it praiseworthy! Sisters, don’t be covetous. Shocked by the value of the dress, all those CHANNEL, LV in my closet are worthless now.

Here she is again:

People have not exactly been kind to this young lady. The nicest thing anyone says to her, it seems, is “stop showing off.” The TV commenter in the below video says reading her Sina Weibo message makes him want to “puke.” He also makes fun of her for showing too much skin.

Others simply call her “brain-dead.” One netizen, perhaps with a wisp of sad understanding, writes, “Don’t know if (sugar daddy) wants to harm you or love you.”

Or wants to have sex. Probably just that.

    12 Responses to “For Her 21st Birthday, This Girl’s Sugar Daddy Gave Her A Dress Made Of Banknotes Worth 200,000 RMB”

    1. MS

      Those aren’t Vietnamese bills, they’re Ukrainian. See here, for example:–1—20-hryven–5-banknotes-.html

      The yellow and blue are 1 notes, and the reddish ones are 10. 1 Hryven = ~$0.12 US or .76 CNY. If you’re REALLY generous and assume there’s 150 10 notes and 300 1 notes, that means there’s a little over $200 in actual currency in that dress. Probably less, though.

      If this 小三 really thinks that’s a $30,000 dress, she’s as gullible as she is vain.

    2. MAC

      Regardless of how valuable it is or isn’t, she still got a shitty Chinese cake topped with fruit likely slimy with preservatives.

    3. Gay Chevara

      It’s shocking though, despite how many Chinese people will criticize her, there are thousands that will regard her in a positive light and say how ‘clever’ she is.

      In Western eyes we may regard this as tacky and tasteless. Too many many Chinese girls the same age as her or thereabouts, it will be regarded as a gift of great value and great class.

      Money is god in China.


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