We (Pretty Much) Have A Winner For Best Halloween Costume

Impact Wrestling, the No. 2 pro wrestling promotion in North America, employs old, over-the-hill superstars, but those old and over-the-hill superstars include some of the biggest names in the wrestling industry. You don’t have to like wrestling to recognize these names: Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam, Sting… Hulk Hogan.

It’s this last personality whom our friend, Kevin Reitzdressed up as. (Disclosure: this picture was taken nearly two years ago, and it wasn’t during Halloween; however, it should have been, and more importantly, it can be, forever.) And look who just re-pinned our picture on Pinterest:

Impact Wrestling, the No. 2 wrestling organization in North America, randomly came upon our Pinterest image of Kevin as Hulk Hogan and decided it was good enough to feature on their Pinterest page devoted to a company that employs the real Hulk Hogan. That makes Kevin a winner in our book.

Think you can do better? The contest isn’t over yet. Email us your best costumes from this year.

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