Young Woman Drunk Tweets That She’s Drunk Before Dying In Car Crash

In the early morning of August 19, @安娜830321 of Shantou, Guangdong province posted this message on her Sina Weibo: “So drunk, but still gotta drive home.”

She didn’t make it home. As Tea Leaf Nation tells us:

The next day, local news in Shantou, Guangdong Province, reported that a white BMW rammed into a road barrier in early morning and the female driver was killed.

Almost three months later, some social media users put two and two together and figured out that @安娜830321 had left her final message on Weibo. The immediacy of @安娜830321‘s death seemed to have shaken many of her fellow social media users. The topic became the most discussed story on Sina Weibo on November 1, with more than 33,000 comments and 49,000 retweets.

The story gets sadder.

@安娜830321 was a single mother who left behind a two and a half year-old boy, and apparently wealthy, she did not appear to be happy. “Some commentators speculated that her alcoholism stemmed from a failed marriage,” TLN reports.

That the woman is young and attractive has certainly helped this story gain traction. Her Sina Weibo remains open, a ghost account that serves as a lingering reminder of… a life.

    11 Responses to “Young Woman Drunk Tweets That She’s Drunk Before Dying In Car Crash”

    1. sorry

      Really hard to feel bad for this girl. If she had killed someone in her drunken crash would people still be sad for her? I feel bad for her child but this spoiled, rich, selfish, brat will not get my sympathy.

    2. rick

      This is quite sad, not only because a human being is gone and a child is motherless, but also because there were warning signs of depression and no one did anything or perhaps knew if anything could be done. I don’t agree with the comment above because it is heartless and devoid of compassion. I hope you can find peace with yourself.

      • sorry

        We should run after every Chinese girl on Weibo who says she is unhappy and offer her what? Counselling? Sorry, sympathetic guy, emo is the go-to emoticon for most Chinese girls on that site. There is no evidence of depression… just a spoiled little rich girl with a 2 year old child at home who was out getting wasted and driving her BMW. I ask again, if she killed other people in the crash, how would you feel about her?

    3. bert

      Some of you don’t need to be so flippant.

      “Spoiled, rich, selfish brat”, “bad rubbish”, “Spoiled rich girl”

      The heart of a modern liberal!

    4. sorry

      What does “liberal” have to do with anything?

      Drunk drivers kill themselves and other people all the time, when they kill other people they are murderers, selfish, bad etc etc… Yet this girl who is apparently “attractive” and takes vacuous photos of herself to post on her Weibo, who leaves her baby at home to get drunk and drive about… She is someone we should feel bad for?

      Let me ask the question again with a new POV, if she did exactly what she did but when she crashed she killed your child… how would you feel about her?

      There are lots of people who deserve our sympathy in this world, I just can’t muster an ounce of care for this selfish and reckless child.

    5. SteveLaudig

      whoever, whatever, kept feeding her alcohol after she was impaired bears responsibility here. in some legal systems, had the provider is liable, rightly so one could think.


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