American Teacher Sings In Chinese To His Class, Is Newest Foreign Sensation

An English teacher at Guangdong Medical University is now an Internet darling for his rendition of the Chinese song “A Brighter Future” by Beyond. The 10-minute video, posted to (after the jump) five days ago, has been viewed more than 1.1 million times.

Via The Nanfang:

The teacher, Zach, who has been teaching at the University for four months, said he can sing any Chinese song as long as he has the pinyin. He wowed his students (and countless netizens) with his singing, particularly of a popular Chinese song whose title is usually translated as “A Brighter Future” by the band Beyond.

Zach, who can also play the drums and the bass, is charismatic and popular with students.

In response to netizens’ accusations that it is irresponsible to sing Chinese songs during an English class, Zach told Southern Metropolis Daily: ”Different people have their own ideas about education. But when they are freshmen, it’s worth taking ten minutes to play music, just to keep them interested.”

Success. And now the rest of the country is interested, too.

(YouTube video via Shanghaiist)

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