Hong Kong TV Show Depicting Mainland “Anchor Baby” Sets Off Latest Round Of Flame War

Hong Kong and the mainland can’t seem to stop offending one another. The latest rumpus, as explained by Bad Canto, began after the Hong Kong TV series Friendly Fire depicted two pregnant women — one local and one from the mainland — arguing in a hospital. The controversial scene is above.

Via Singapore Yahoo:

In the scene, actress Mandy Wong plays an illegal mainland pregnant woman called Fei Fei who was criticised by a Hong Kong woman for eating hot pot in the hospital room. Fei Fei then exclaimed, “All you Hong Kong people know are to file complaints. You can’t understand at all”. After an argument, Fei Fei’s husband later retorted, “You Hong Kong people are of such low quality!”

The mentioned scene was similar to a real-life situation last year, when a Hong Kong mother had complained about a mainland mother for eating hot pot in a hospital room.

Ah, but what have we learned about depicting reality? On Chinese television, you can’t do it without offending people.

If you’re interested in what netizens are saying on both sides of the aisle, check out the Bad Canto post, if you can stand people on the Internet being, well, people on the Internet.

Hong Kong TV Series Sparks Outrage in China (Bad Canto, h/t Alicia)

    5 Responses to “Hong Kong TV Show Depicting Mainland “Anchor Baby” Sets Off Latest Round Of Flame War”

    1. P.

      Both are offended:

      Mainlanders are offended at the depiction of the hot pot-slurping woman as an uncouth dirt dumpling—they’re demanding an apology from the television station—while Hong Kongers are asserting that it’s all true and that the station needn’t apologize and are offended that the issue is even up for debate in the first place.

        • P.

          The whole “anchor baby” issue is just another flashpoint between Hong Kong and the Mainland. Despite their howling outrage, Mainlanders are flooding to the SAR’s hospitals to give birth so that their progeny can obtain the Right to Abode.

          Despite some of the new regulations designed to slow the influx—minimum bank balances ($40,000HKD, I think), no walk-ins at hospitals—the problem keeps growing and growing.

    2. Michael A. Robson (required)

      “And we are all Chinese!”

      Ever since 1997, you are all the same.. er.. Nationality.. Sort of?

      Racially you may as well lump the Japanese and Koreans in the same lot (and last I checked, those two hate each other). Does race have anything to do with what defines a culture? F-NO! WIthin China’s borders are groups of people that disagree, believe totally different things and live completely different lifestyles. In other words, you basically have NOTHING in common.

      Ironically the only thing HK has in common with Mainland China is…… Cantonese!
      They use Traditional Chinese Characters and have a legitimate British Legal system (redundant I know).

      By the way, ‘Tolerance’ is a nice thing to ‘take pride’ in, when you live in an utter shithole. Keep patting yourself on the back, rather than trying to fix things.


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