Papaya, dairy, soy, and massage can increase breast size: Global Times

I don’t really have much to say about this story except that there’s a typo in the headline:

*Titillating TCM


The immediate effects of breast enhancement surgeries has lured many women to go under the knife. However, the steep cost, potential side effects and unnatural-looking results have led other women to seek natural and inexpensive alternatives.

“We get a lot of young women between 20 to 35 years old with A or B cups who come to consult us on breast enlargement,” said Song Yiyi, a beautician and breast masseuse with the Sanctuary Spa in Chaoyang district. “They are eager to enhance their bust sizes but a lot of them are unable to afford the expensive surgeries.” A breast enlargement surgery can start from 10,000 yuan ($1,605).

Plastic surgery also comes with risks, Song noted. In the 2011 French implant scandal, more than 300,000 women were given implants with cheaper, industrial-grade silicon rather than medical-grade, causing leakage, ruptures or even cancer. What’s more, breast implants may impede the breast-feeding process. Therefore, more women are looking for natural ways, from diet and massage, to acupuncture and exercise. These methods might take longer to work, but can be safer.

Titilating TCM (Global Times)

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    1. terroir

      Dear Chinese women,

      Your breasts are fine. Great, even. They look good on you, and you look fabulous. Don’t mess up a good thing.

      That is to put undue attention upon your breasts; don’t think you need cleavage. Cleavage with Chinese characteristics appears to be wearing an underwire for an A-cup just to squish them puppies to make a visible butt crack on your chest.

      Don’t do it. Don’t weaponize your cleavage to look like the dress that you’re wearing is the illusion of a plumber pulling double overtime.


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