Tianjin Coach Gary Gaspard Had To Be Physically Restrained After Sunday’s CBA Debacle

Gary Gaspard Tianjin vs Qingdao post-game 1

What words do we have left for Sunday’s colossal wreck of a basketball scrum between Qingdao and Tianjin, in which the two teams were whistled for a combined 89 fouls (an average of one and a half fouls per minute), shot 119 combined free throws, and each had three players foul out? I wrote that it was “how bad basketball can look when entrusted to the wrong people.” NiuBBall’s Jon Pastuszek called it an “abomination,” “nightmare” and “pathetic.” Andrew Crawford of Shark Fin Hoops tweeted, “In Chinese basketball, the biggest problem remains the standard of refereeing.” It was a sad day indeed for fans of the CBA.

But none of us were as mad as Gary Gaspard, Tianjin’s “assistant” coach who often acts as the de facto head coach on the sidelines. (He was the one most adamant about pulling his players off the court to protest a call late in the fourth quarter.) If you believe the adage that a picture is worth a thousand words, glance upon this picture of Gaspard in the moments just after the game, which Qingdao won 140-138 in double overtime:

Gary Gaspard Tianjin vs Qingdao post-game 2

That is a death stare. And it’s coming from a man that by all accounts is a wise and sensible person. In an earlier interview with Tianjin Plus, he revealed that he has seven children and two grandchildren, and is “really blessed.” He also teaches the Princeton offense, which is pretty great:

All sport is 90% mental and 10% physical. What I try to do, in the offense, is teach the Princeton, and the Princeton is reading your defender. I don’t like to call them plays, per se. I like to let guys react off their defender and react off their offensive men. That’s the way I try to use their mental (ability) and we use it every single day in practice. We also have an offensive concept called Menthus and what I basically do is attack more on offense without play.

But… death stare:

Gary Gaspard Tianjin vs Qingdao post-game 3

We’re not sure who the player is ushering him off, but he deserves more playing time. O Sports has several more pictures of the coach here.

We feel your pain, Mr. Gaspard.

Gary Gaspard Tianjin vs Qingdao post-game 4 Gary Gaspard Tianjin vs Qingdao post-game 5 Gary Gaspard Tianjin vs Qingdao post-game 6 Gary Gaspard Tianjin vs Qingdao post-game 7 Gary Gaspard Tianjin vs Qingdao post-game 8

Again, here are the more embarrassing refereeing moments from Sunday’s scrap. Skip ahead to the 9:13 mark to see the worst call of the game, a phantom foul that sent Qingdao’s Chris Daniels to the line for two game-clinching free throws with 4.5 seconds remaining.

    5 Responses to “Tianjin Coach Gary Gaspard Had To Be Physically Restrained After Sunday’s CBA Debacle”

    1. The Good Doctor

      from what i saw. it wasn’t so much bad referring as a bunch of douche bag players doing everything they could to bait the referee into making calls. it was like a whole game of manu ginobolis. and the guy on tianjin was the worst one of them all. if i were a ref, you couldn’t pay me enough to ref a game like that.

    2. rageMeh

      It’s my opinion that sports are a reflection of the society. There is no objective right and wrong, there are only those in a position of authority.

    3. eric gaspard

      I an Gary Gaspard’s brother. He has always been a level headed coach and conducted himself to the highest stanrds of professionalism on the court. It us my opinion that this situation spiraled out of control and caught my brother at his ends wit. I fully anticpate that he and his team will be able to recover from this set back and triumph.
      Best Regards,
      Eric Gaspard


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