Now Open For Business: Sex Rooms In Wuhan Hospital

Sex ward 1

Are you a panda in human form, unable to conceive not because of physical limitations but due to low libido? A hospital in Wuhan, Hubei province may provide the sexual spark your relationship needs to create that perfect love child.

Please turn your attention to the “sex wards” of Songziniao hospital, opened on December 28. According to Hug China:

A hospital in Wuhan has recently opened VIP patient wards for infertile patients and couples having problems in conceiving babies. The wards are furnished with all necessary furniture and tools for easy and successful sex except condom. Promoted as ‘second nuptial chamber’, the luxury decoration and furniture in the room are to encourage pregnancy by inspiring sexual passion for the patients.

The luxury wards, dubbed by Chinese media as sex wards, each has an area of 50 square meters. The standard furnishing includes red lamps, sex toys, automatically adjustable sex double bed and couch, pictures illustrating human genital structure. And sex skill videos, nurse uniform and air hostess uniform are available on request.

It’ll cost you : the “discounted” price for a couple is 880 yuan per night. The price might include professional counseling though, as in an “expert will come to provide sex skills advice,” so that could be awesome. Or awkward. Or, simply, very necessary:

According to the sex professor Peng Xiaohui from Huazhong Normal University invited to the press conference, they once treated a couple having fertility problems and the reason why the couple with doctor degree failed to conceive a baby after three years of marriage was found to be that the husband had mistaken the belly button of his wife for her vagina! And another civil servant couple had sex for seven to eight times a night, resulting in fatigue and agony, because they thought the more times they had sex, the more likely the wife would get pregnant.

You can’t put a price on having sex right and knowing how babies are made.

More pics via Hug China:

Sex ward 2 Sex ward 3 Sex ward 4

Wuhan hospital opens VIP sex wards furnished with adjustable double bed, sex toys and videos to treat infertility by inspiring sexual passion (Hug China) (H/T Huffington Post via Alicia)

    3 Responses to “Now Open For Business: Sex Rooms In Wuhan Hospital”

    1. bag-o-dicks

      What kind of a bug-fucking needledick can spend three years happily boning his wife in her tummy button? Anthony, explain yourself please.

    2. Alice Zindagi

      Babies come from sex. Standing, sitting, top, bottom, bent over, in the tub, on the kitchen table, sperm + vagina = baby. Unless you have a serious medical problem with your equipment, you shouldn’t need a doctor. It shouldn’t have to take a fancy room and an overpaid doctor to have great sex and make a baby. What does a red lamp and a sex toy have to do with that? Nothing. These men would be better off taking their mind off the results and concentrating on actually having good sex, and more of it. What were they doing, sticking it to her belly button once a week? I am not discounting legitimate fertility problems, but if it takes those red lamps and sex toys in order for you to properly get down to business, your fertility is the LEAST of your problems. I would suggest that those couples save a few thousand yuan and try something like this first:


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