The Competition For Best Gangnam Style Remake Is Over: This Flipbook Wins

We have here a very late entry to the Internet’s ongoing competition for best Gangnam Style remake/parody, but sometimes the best really do come last. Please give your attention to Etoilec1, whose flipbook animation of Gangnam Style captures and embodies PSY’s original production in all its creativity, craftsmanship, zaniness, and sheer wonder. Is it scene-by-scene perfect? No. For example, it’s missing background on all the panels. But it’s a flipbook animation of the whole damn song! Have I already mentioned that?

Our joy at discovering this (we have Alicia to thank) is only dampened by our disgust at YouTube for stripping the audio from Etoilec1′s original upload for copyright reasons (it was posted January 20). But you can watch it above on Etoilec1′s Facebook page, where it’s received more than 41,000 of both likes and shares, numbers that are fast increasing as we speak.

Step aside, Chinese leaders, Zhangjiajie, bikinied women, Novak Djokovic, and Ai Weiwei. You’ve all been one-upped.

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