Tracy McGrady Drills Game-Winner, Even To The Delight Of The Opposing Team’s Crowd

We daresay things are looking up for Tracy McGrady. His team, the Qingdao Double Star Eagles, has won three games in a row, and none more dramatically than Wednesday on the road against Liaoning.

You’ll remember that in the season opener, McGrady had the ball in his hands with time winding down but turned it over, costing Qingdao the win; he made no such mistake this week. With a second remaining, T-Mac nailed a long jumper to give his team a 99-97 lead, which would be the final.

Above is a video from a Liaoning fan’s point of view (edited for brevity). You know the crowd’s disappointed to see the home team lose, but then again – T-Mac! NBA All-Star! Aghhhh! At least that’s the message I got from the final 20 seconds, featuring triumphant music and a heroic fade-out.

McGrady finished with 31 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists. NiuBBall has another look at that big shot, plus a report that Gilbert Arenas, recently returned from injury, is beginning to look like his old self, scoring 37 and 28 points in wins.

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