BJC’s Year In Traffic: Driving In China, Bicyclists Strewn Everywhere, Real-Life Frogger…

Part of our series on the year that was in fun videos, fun rants, and fun posts.


The Mother Of All Traffic Jams (Warning: It’s Horrifying) May 21

Mother of all traffic jams year-in-review

The Basics Of Driving In China: A Diagram May 22

Driving in China year-in-review

Bus Driver Hit With Unidentified Debris, Continues Doing Job June 4

Bicyclists Strewn Everywhere: One Car Kills Five June 26

This Is Why You Should Never Play Real-Life Frogger June 27

Real-life Frogger year-in-review

This Woman Is The Luckiest And Worst Driver Alive August 27

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