Fireworks-Carrying Truck Explodes In Henan Province, Bridge Collapses, 26 Die [UPDATE]

Here’s the lede to AFP’s write-up:

At least 26 people were killed as a bridge collapsed in central China on Friday after a truck carrying fireworks exploded, state-run media reported.

That’s perfect. The who-what-when-where-why in one compact sentence, telling us so much with so little.

And leaving so many questions.

For example: fireworks?

The lorry “suddenly exploded” as it crossed the expressway bridge in the central province of Henan, China National Radio said, causing sections of it to collapse and sending other vehicles plunging to the ground.

Suddenly exploded?

An 80-metre long section of the bridge collapsed and six vehicles had been retrieved from the debris, China’s official news agency Xinhua said, adding that rescue efforts were underway.

So on and so forth.

UPDATE, 2/2, 4:30 pm: Xinhua reports only nine people died.

Seven people died at the scene of the accident, while two others died on the way to hospital. Of the 11 injured, four are in serious condition, the rescuers said. Previous reports said 13 people had been injured.

UPDATE, 2/4, 5:12 pm: Photo via CNTV:

Bridge collapse fireworks

26 dead as China bridge collapses: reports (AFP)

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    1. narsfweasels

      Worrying. What are the alternatives to fireworks? Standing around in the apartment complex and shouting “BANG!”.

      I think it would be better: noisy bastards would likely tire out a lot quicker if they had to do more than light a touchpaper.


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