Valentine’s Day Is “Breeding Ground” Of Corruption For Some Officials, Says People’s Daily

Flowers for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a lot of things, including fake, commercialized, contrived, and unworthy of intellectual consideration, but in China, it’s also a “breeding ground” of “corruption and debauchery for a minority of party members,” as SCMP puts it, paraphrasing People’s Daily.

A four-paragraph story in People’s Daily said Valentine’s Day had become a hatchery of decadent ideology, indulgent lifestyle, fraud and corruption for some party members who squandered money indulging their lovers.

PD names names:

Chongqing party secretary Bo Xilai, former railways minister Liu Zhijun and former Shanghai party secretary Chen Liangyu…

The problem is because capitalism doesn’t work in China. At least that’s what I think People’s Daily is saying. As paraphrased by SCMP again:

The problem was cadres who had abandoned communist beliefs, the article said, breaking their party oath and betraying the cause.

Leave decadence, to say nothing of saccharine holidays, to the Westerners. Meanwhile, People’s Daily will have its box of chocolates and eat it, alone, weeping, today as every day. It appreciates you, but will never utter those three words.

People’s Daily denounces Valentine’s Day ‘debauchery of decadent cadres’ (SCMP, H/T Alicia) (Image Xinhua)

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    1. SeaHorse

      I’m just curious about the auditing of money guys spend on girls. I mean if they spent government money on a mistress, that is something for the government and public to handle and judge. However if they spent their *personal* income on some girl that is something his wife needs to deal with. I mean it’s not corruption unless he stole the money. We can’t call being a cheating asshole corruption.


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