Victim Of Gang-Rape Reportedly Willing To Drop Charges For A House, Hukou, And Job [UPDATE]

Li Shuangjiang (left) and his son Li Guanfeng

CRI reports that the suspected gang-rape victim in a high-profile case involving Li Tianyi, whose father is famous People’s Liberation Army singer Li Shuangjiang, might drop the charges if a few of her material demands are met:

A netizen called “dugeweibo” released on his or her Sina microblog that said the parents of Li Guanfeng and four other suspects talked with the victim’s parents and reached an agreement. They will give the victim a Beijing hukou (household registration), a house and a job and if the victim drops a lawsuit.

Dugeweibo’s account appears to have been deleted.

And anyway, a house is easy. The job and hukou may be a bit more tricky, for obvious reasons. How many connections does Li Shuangjiang, a non-commanding major-general, actually have? And which of them would be stupid enough to risk their necks for his doughboy of a son, whose history of criminal behavior — at the age of 17 — suggests pathological depravity?

Although we should point out none of this may matter:

However, lawyer Qi Lianfeng said if the rape suspects are ultimately found guilty, the action cannot be withdrawn by the victim, according to China’s prosecution procedures.

Stay tuned. We’ll have more on this subject.

Gang Rape Victim May Drop Lawsuit Against General’s Son (CRI)

UPDATE, 2/27, 1 am: It’s worth noting that the “reportedly” in this post’s headline refers to state media, and we’ll reiterate that the source was a now-deleted Sina Weibo account. Also:

    2 Responses to “Victim Of Gang-Rape Reportedly Willing To Drop Charges For A House, Hukou, And Job [UPDATE]”

    1. SeaHorse

      When will the CPC drop these honourary Major Generals? I mean does anyone believe an HONOURARY Major General can get a hukou? The prosecution is being paid to sue the shit out of a guy who everyone thinks is guilty, even if he escapes everyone will treat him like he’s a dog, one that isn’t even fit for consumption. I highly doubt this is true because oh common, who is stupid enough to believe they have this kind of pull? Who is stupid enough to fall for it? What prosecutor is gonna put down this easy job?

    2. Ick

      Aparently the little shit attended an american prep school, shattuck st mary’s for a semester before being expelled. (Cost 80,000 dollars a year inc living costs). Sounds like he’s a purebreed fuckhead. theres also a Weibo rumour that he raped another girl, but managed to hush it up.

      re Seahorse; never, the PRC isn’t like other armies, in fact its far more similiar to the revolutionary guard, it has huge economic and ‘cultural’ interests. The former I wont speak of now but the needs of the latter are met by people such as the afformentioned Li Shuangjiang and untill such a time as the PRC can be told to focus on the defence of the nation their there to stay.


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