Watch New York City Burn, As Depicted By North Korean Propaganda [SUBTITLES]

The North Korea propaganda website Uriminzokkiri recently published a video showing a dream sequence in which New York City burns, burns, burns.

The sequence is set to the charity single “We Are the World” — you know, the one by supergroup USA for Africa, written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richey.

Check out the 45-second mark in the bottom video, which comes with subtitles (toggle on/off from the bottom-right corner). (The music there isn’t We Are the World because YouTube has taken down all versions of the video after Activision made copyright claims.) UPDATE, 2/6, 11:01 pm: Satire alert. For actual subtitles, check out NK News.

It’s only a question of time…

All around the world, there will be massive explosions. It will be The Revenge.

And then apparently Kim Jong-un takes control of the entire world. Hey, guys: are you still wondering why people would prefer you not build nuclear weapons?

Meanwhile, in a bit of splendid timing, South Korea’s UN ambassador says Pyongyang will be conducting a nuclear test soon:

Ambassador Kim Sook said there are “very busy activities” taking place at North Korea’s nuclear test site “and everybody’s watching”.

Kim told a news conference that in the event of a nuclear test, he expects the UN Security Council to respond with “firm and strong measures”.

Back to the vid. Exactly how creepy is it? Maybe not at all. New York City is vividly depicted being destroyed in Modern Warfare 3, so it’s not like we haven’t seen this before.

The sad part really only begins when the Korean in the video dreaming his splendid dream wakes up.

(H/T Alicia)

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      1. It’s interesting that the video mentions that “the world laughs at our leaders” and tries to exploit the resentment of the audience toward this. This implies that, at least in the mind of the authors of the video, the audience is aware that people and politicians in other countries satirise the Kim’s. This is amazing — it tells us that closeness to foreign mass media and opinions is not as airtight as we are made to believe, even if awareness of them is filtered by propaganda.

      2. What does KJU twenty-first mean? Does it refer to the 21st year of KJU’s reign (i.e. 2032)?

      3. “Global stability unravels”: somebody brief them about the economic crisis.


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