Find Out If You’re Happy With This People’s Daily “Happiness Index Calculation”

People's Daily Happiness Index

Are you healthy? Are your parents alive? If you answered in the affirmative to these two questions, you’re well on your way toward being happy currently, as a fun little People’s Daily quiz tells us.

But like a bad dictionary entry in which the word you’re looking up is used in the definition, some answers are terribly misleading. One choice is “I am happily married.” Anyone who clicks that one should be docked 10 points for lying.

Other questions for those living inside China (that’s an answer choice for a preliminary Q) include, What do you think of current consumer prices? Local air quality? Daily meals? How big is your social circle? Mental status? “Satisfaction degree with the current social situation”?

But the quiz for those outside China is different. The fourth question, “What do you think of current consumer prices?” is replaced with, “Wealth status” (I am very wealthy … I am always broke). Sadly, “I am always broke, but enjoy 2 Broke Girls” wasn’t an answer choice.

Questions about air quality and daily meals are replaced with “children status” and “career development.” One question asks if you live with your parents. There it is, tapping into the raw nerves of 21- to 30-year-olds the world over.

Alas, we don’t want to give the impression that the quiz is flawed, or that we didn’t enjoy it. People’s Daily questionnaires are always amazing, and they should do more of them. Here are the results so far, with a higher score indicating more happiness:

People's Daily Happiness Index results

You 20 people with a score between 0 and 19: may we recommend you read a little less People’s Daily? That would surely lighten your mood. Today, by the way, is a beautiful, sunny day in Beijing!

(H/T Eric Fish)

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    1. narsfweasels

      Wow… my mortgage miseries, sick parents, crappy air quality days and lack of social life all point to only one outcome: I am happy!


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