Chinese Grad Student From Shenyang Is Third Boston Marathon Bombing Victim [UPDATE]

Boston Marathon bombing aftermath

Martin Richard, Krystle Campbell, and an as-yet unidentified Chinese national, whose family has requested anonymity, according to Xinhua, are the three killed at the Boston Marathon. Reports are that the third victim was a graduate student at Boston University, came from Shenyang, Liaoning province, and was a graduate of Beijing Institute of Technology.

The deceased was with two friends, one of whom was identified yesterday as Zhou Danling, also a graduate student at BU.

According to USA Today:

Rev. Robert Hill, the dean of Boston University’s Marsh Chapel, visited the injured grad student at the hospital. “She is doing well,” Hill told Boston University’s news service, BU Today. “She has her friends around her, and she will soon have family around her.”

In a letter of condolence, [university president Robert] Brown said: “I write to you with great sadness to inform you that one of the fatalities in yesterday’s bombing near the finish line of the Boston Marathon has been identified as a Boston University graduate student.”

“Our hearts and thoughts go out to the family and friends of both victims,” he wrote.

The Boston Globe reports that in a statement from the Chinese consulate, the other injured Chinese student was identified as Ms. Lv Lingzi, who “was still missing.”

Meanwhile, Offbeat China and chinaSMACK have translated some netizen reactions, while a Hong Kong runner gave his firsthand account to SCMP.

UPDATE, 6:49 pm: The victim has been identified as Lu Lingzi (i.e. Lü Lingzi, i.e. Lv Lingzi). Here’s her final Sina Weibo post.

    6 Responses to “Chinese Grad Student From Shenyang Is Third Boston Marathon Bombing Victim [UPDATE]”

    1. wafflestomp

      Great. Now the Chinese will all be saying America is very unsafe and is off limits for travel. Them Chinese love their snap reactions.

      • SeaHorse

        To be honest is that unique reaction to any country? In Canada whenever a Canadian dies anywhere we start demanding safety inquiries into Mali, Mexico, Bermuda, Trinidad, Dominican Republic, whatever. But we end up going there for the winter anyways and be pleasantly surprised when we don’t get kidnapped for ransom or sold for a bag of cocaine.

        Also once a Chinese student was brutally murdered in Canada, and I asked my Chinese classmate if the Chinese think badly of Canada now, and she laughed and said “Oh no, very rarely a Chinese student dies in Canada, but they die all the time in the US, so you are only number 2…or maybe 3 behind the UK” and she proceeded to tell me one of the most bizarre rape cases I’ve ever tragically had to hear about and concluded “In other words it’s not very safe for Chinese people anywhere. That is the risk you take.”

        • Chinese Netizen

          Hong Kong STILL has a “black” no travel advisory to the Philippines stemming from a hostage taking/murder incident a few years ago. Pure politics and nothing more as they still think Syria, Libya and Mainland China (in light of all the recent bird flu) are acceptable.
          Some places might actually welcome less Chinese visitors!

        • wafflestomp

          I had the opposite. After the Canadian incident all of my friends trash talked Canada, saying how it’s unsafe and this and that. Perhaps your classmate is more educated, but the end line of not safe for CHINESE people anywhere” leads me to believe she’s ignorant.

          Obviously every country has their risks, but Asian countries love to hate. Remember when the Chinese driver mowed down some woman in Singapore? One common accident pissed off a country. Or the incident with Canadian tourists hanging a canadian flag on the great wall, causing everyone from BC to have a special letter in order to get a visa.

          Finally, do you know how many cases there have been in places like Mexico? Way more than one or two. WAYYYYYYYY more. Should bombings like this happen on a regular basis, I could see people being afraid of traveling to the US. But it won’t.

          • SeaHorse

            Maybe your friends are highly uneducated and my friends are normal, who knows. But generally people I knew said “well statistically a lot of people die overseas, so this crime is only unusual because of brutality.” I mean com’on, a Chinese int’l die almost every year.

            1/5 people in the world are Chinese, it’s very likely 1/5 people who get killed are also Chinese so I can see how she came to that conclusion. I don’t think anyone is out to get Chinese people, just there’s a lot around to stand around and die. I don’t think Asian countries EXCLUSIVELY love to hate. Everyone is a hater. Every time something happens in China it’s because of the degeneracy of the Chinese people and corruption (no matter how removed from government or how condemned by Chinese society this event is). Every time something happens in America we Canadians say Americans are just like us but with 200% more crazies and 100% more guns even if no guns were involved. Remember India? I’ve heard some very uncomplimentary things about Indians in that wake of that. So I don’t think talking shit about other people’s countries is an exclusive Asian specialty.

            All I’m saying is do I think the average Chinese guy would care that much if he won a scholarship to go to the university of Boston. Probably not. Give me a ticket to Cancun, I’d still go. They honestly probably don’t really give a shit aside from having something to talk about.

          • SeaHorse

            P.S Oh wow! Another one just bit the dust through poisoning. See, a Chinese int’l student dying overseas is like a ritual of being angsty and angry over it for a week and then getting back to applying for your visas.


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