Foreigner Secretly Filmed Losing His Mind At Bus Driver In Chengdu

We all know the feeling of losing our cool, but how many of us know the misfortune of having a meltdown secretly filmed and uploaded to Youku, where it gets 390,000 views in half a day?

Check out the above, which happened recently in Chengdu, according to the Youku description. A foreigner, because he almost misses a bus, begins cursing at the bus driver in up to three languages, while everyone else watches in silence.

I can’t make out what the bus driver is saying, but among the things the foreigner utters in English are, “Look at me! Look!” and, “Fucking!”

After taking a seat, still fuming, he directs his anger at the other passengers, some of whom are presumably staring at him. “You look at me and you’re like, ha ha ha ha,” the foreigner says, a line that can’t help but remind us of this similarly incensed foreigner in Sanya Airport (the Ni you ha ha ha wo – 你有哈哈哈我 – guy).

He has a few last words for the bus driver, too, after wiping his brow. “You fucking piece of shit,” he says. “You see me fuckin’ running, huh? You saw me fuckin’ running! Huh?”

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    1. Chackie Jan

      Perhaps next time he can not drink the night before and wake up on time so he doesn’t have to run to the bus. What obligation does the bus driver have to stop for you? You’re holding up everyone. Reminds me of the girl keeping the subway doors open.

      • michael

        It’s China man..Chengdu Beijing Shanghai its all the same shit. You’re gonna get stared at from the moment you get here till the moment you GTFO. The only curse is actually speaking the language, and hearing complete strangers badmouth you on a daily basis. We’ve all been there.. who cares if its on Youku. Who uses Youku? Chinese. Where else can I get hawked at by 400k locals? Anywhere in China. It’s wash. Enjoy the 蛋炒饭 and try not to have a seizure while you endure your final days in the middle kingdom.

    2. Can't remember my username

      Brazillian? Doesn’t really matter where’s from, he acts like a complete cock.

      • Flavio

        He is not Brazilian you stupid!!! Just by paying attention to the way he speaks we can realize he is not. I am Brazilian and lived in China too, Brazilian people would never do something like that, all the Brazilians who live in are very rich, even don’t need to get the bus to go to work. I have an idea where this guy is from but I won’t do like you that tell things without knowledge.

    3. Markoff

      he is using some slavic language, most probably Polish, but it could be also some from former Yugoslavia, doesn’t sound like Russian to me, but I can put my hand in fire that is Slavic language

    4. SeaHorse

      As someone that always lived as a foreigner, it’s sad when immigrants and expats loose their shit because they haven’t gotten used to the fact life is different in other places and the rest of us gets a bad rep despite being honest hard working folk who honestly try. When locals loose their shit, that’s local shit. When migrants and expats loose their shit, we’re stealing their job, our countries get made fun of, and people start questioning rather or not we should be allowed in their country because of one douchebag who can’t keep culture shock to their selves.

    5. Holla

      He didn’t get angry because he almost missed the bus. He got angry because he was running to catch the bus and the bus driver saw him running and drove into a puddle, which splashed him. That’s why he is saying “look at me, you f*cking piece of sh!t!”

    6. MKL

      He’s speaking Serbian, Croatian or Bosnian, hard to tell, because these languages sound very similar.

      If you’ve ever taken a bus in Balkans you will realize that this is very normal there. I’ve heard worse.

    7. MKL

      Ok, my Croatian friend said he’s most likely Serbian, because he uses certain phrases typical for Serbian language.

    8. Shiruba

      His reaction is for sure exaggerated, but he seems to be pissed for a good reason. At least he believes so, which wouldn’t be surprising as people don’t give a shit about others in this country.


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