Watch: Scenes From The Inaugural Art Basel Hong Kong

For the first time ever, Art Basel opened in Hong Kong on Thursday, where it’ll remain a showcase for Asian art, artists and galleries until tomorrow. For a glimpse, you’ll want to check out Stephy Chung’s latest video for, above, featuring scenes from this international event.

Does Hong Kong deserve Art Basel? That’s debatable. “Even a few local boosters will admit that the paucity of Hong Kong galleries is largely a reflection of the weakness of the local art scene,” reports the New York Times.

But the city, as you can see above, remains a glamorous, monied destination for basically all industries. It deserves the glitz of the contemporary art world, and vice versa.

We really dig the music, by the way.

    One Response to “Watch: Scenes From The Inaugural Art Basel Hong Kong”

    1. SeaHorse

      Art? In HK?

      Any art in HK was imported from the mainland, Japan, or Korea. If anything this is just convenient for HK art buyers to stock up on some investments. HK is a pot of culture but hardly any of it is their own.


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