Stampede Breaks Out At David Beckham Event In Shanghai, Several Injured

At least five people were injured in a stampede this afternoon at Shanghai’s Tongji University as hundreds of spectators, many of them students, jostled for a closer glimpse of David Beckham.

An ambassador for Chinese football, Beckham was scheduled to take the field alongside the Tongji team and a local youth team, but the event was cancelled.

The international icon posted the following message to his Sina Weibo account at 4:39 pm:

I had an incredible response from everyone at Shanghai Tongji University today, sorry I couldn’t get out on the pitch to see the teams It was impossible to get through the massive crowds. I heard there were a few injuries, hope the fans are ok and I wish them a speed recovery.

Pictures and video of the incident are beginning to surface all over Youku, Sina Weibo, and other places. The above is a ground-level look at the madness as fans surround Beckham’s car. The below is a bird’s-eye view:

We’re surprised more people weren’t hurt, honestly.

Here’s another look from the ground. The cameraperson was smart for staying out of the fray:

David Beckham Shanghai stampede 2
David Beckham Shanghai stampede 3
David Beckham Shanghai stampede 1
Trampled to death Beckham

Youku vids of the above:

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    1. Matt G

      You couldn’t even pay me to go and see my fellow country man “David Beckham,” the sickening fantasize, linking him to a modern version of the royal family, has made me feel nauseous for the past 17 years, even since his wife hit to fame with the song “wannabe,” a part of history I would like to forget.


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