Suspect Arrested In Shooting Rampage That Left 6 Dead In Shanghai

Suspect arrested 6 dead in shooting

A man with a shotgun – shotgun — killed six people in Shanghai’s Baoshan District on Saturday evening, according to

He reportedly first killed a colleague at Guangyu fine chemical company out of “financial disputes.” He then shot and killed a taxi driver, killed a guard at a military compound, then went back to his workplace and killed three more people.

Guns aren’t allowed in China — thank goodness — so this is about as bad a shooting spree as you’ll see here. “The suspect was later subdued by patrolling police officers in the area and all the firearms involving in the case have been recovered,” reports

Four other people are injured, according to SCMP.

At an emergency meeting yesterday, the ministry said it would launch a more comprehensive campaign on gun management across the country, where firearms are tightly controlled and citizens who have hunting permits must apply at their local police station for permission to own a hunting rifle.

    6 Responses to “Suspect Arrested In Shooting Rampage That Left 6 Dead In Shanghai”

    1. Second Amenment

      “Guns aren’t allowed in China — thank goodness — so this is about as bad a shooting spree as you’ll see here.”

      1. Why did the suspect not obey the ‘guns aren’t allowed in China” rule?
      2. If carrying a gun was allowed, the suspect would have been stopped much earlier.
      3. Oh yes guns are allowed in China – for the government.
      4. This is why China can suppress and control its people so much – an unarmed population – the only people who have guns are the government.
      5. When is china going to start banning knives- what about all the stabbing incidents?
      6. In the US, all the mass shooting incidents occur inside so-called “gun free zones” – any homicidal maniac goes to those areas with a gun and can kill many people before law enforcement or those citizens armed with a gun can arrive and stop them. – that is why they go there.
      7. Read John Lott’s “More guns, less crime to educate yourself.

    2. MrT

      Let me have a gun and your all dead cnt you do know that?
      Best keep banned.
      Americans should be allowed to keep their guns so they can kill each other off quicker.
      In fact give every one a nuke in America, guaranteed they will be used on home soil.

    3. Shall not be infringed

      Any mass shooting can be stopped very quickly by other armed individuals. Either if they are open carry or concealed carry.

      The South Auckland and Australian mass shootings could have been stopped by one gun owner.

      The police/security guards cannot be everywhere at all times.

      People should have the right to protect themselves, their families, their lives, their homes and their property.

      Gun bans and strict control do not work – criminals and the mentally ill by their nature do not obey gun laws.

      The best defense is an armed citizenry.

      An armed woman is the best defense against rape, sexual assault, murder it definitely levels the power disparity between a man and a woman.

      Read John Lott Jr.’s website and his books especially – “More Guns Less Crime” – this contains the most detailed study of gun ownership and crime rates in many countries that has ever been undertaken.


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