The World Sudoku Championship Is Coming To Beijing

International Sudoku tournament

Beijing will host the World Sudoku Championship, reports China Daily. “The Eighth World Sudoku Championship will be an eight-day battle of wits” starting October 12.

This will be China’s first time holding this prestigious event, which will feature more than 300 competitors from 30 countries and regions, apparently.

“To hold the championship in Beijing will greatly encourage Sudoku popularity among community sports,” Zhang Fengchao, president of the Beijing Olympic City Development Foundation, said.

The event will be held alongside the 22nd World Puzzle Championship. Being underdogs, perhaps Chinese competitors will do slightly better at putting numbers in boxes than mahjong.

The event will be held at the Chateau Laffitte Hotel in Changping District, which I guess looks like this:

International Sudoku tournament at Chateau Laffitte Hotel International Sudoku tournament at Chateau Laffitte Hotel 2

International Sudoku: polo for those who don’t like horses.

Register your team here.

It’s a slow news day.

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