Adult Breastfeeding Is A Thing In Shenzhen, Says Chinese Media, For “Health Purposes”

Roman Charity by Pieter Pauwel Reubens

It’s scary to think so, but adult breastfeeding might be the latest way to show off one’s wealth. At least, if you believe what you read in the papers.

In Shenzhen, as reported by SCMP, “increasing numbers of adults have been hiring wet nurses so they can consume breast milk for its nutritional value, Lin Jun, a manager of Xinxinyu Household Service Company in the southern city of Guangdong, told the Southern Metropolis Daily.”

“Clients can choose to consume breast milk directly through breastfeeding … but they can always drink it from a breast pump if they feel uncomfortable,” the paper quoted Lin as saying. He claimed breast milk was now popular among adults with high incomes and high-pressure jobs and who suffered from poor health.

But… really? Remember, it’s Chinese media that we’re getting this story from, employing anonymous sources. And at least one company spokesperson has denied the claims.

Adult breastfeeding is rarely seen outside the context of porn, sex, and polyamorous relationships. Erotic lactation, of course, is a thing (link is Wikipedia, but features NSFW content), and if you think there isn’t ample porn of this, you have Safe Search enabled for some reason. (Also, we found this website — Land of Milk and Honey.) How could anyone think breast-sucking is done primarily for nutrition?

Legal experts have warned that the practice may be a form of sexual service. “There is an essential difference between sucking on a breast and drinking from a pump, as the former largely exceeds the necessity of diet,” Guangdong lawyer Mei Chunlai said.

Prostitution dressed up as medicine, in the same way that marijuana can be readily obtained if you claim cataracts. That’d make sense, anyway. Drinking breast milk for the sake of nutrition does not.

Human breast milk popular tipple among Shenzhen rich (SCMP, h/t Alicia; the image is “Roman Charity” by Pieter Pauwel Reubens)

    6 Responses to “Adult Breastfeeding Is A Thing In Shenzhen, Says Chinese Media, For “Health Purposes””

    1. Amanda R.

      While there have been some claims that breast milk can help alleviate the effects of some diseases (cancer, rheumatism), there isn’t a lot of research to back it up. In fact, even for children, the nutritional benefits of breast milk drops off precipitously after 6 months which is why at about 6 months parents have to start supplementing with solid food. I’m not going to come out and say “this is total bollocks” since I’m not a doctor, but to think that breast milk can give significant nutrition for an adult when it doesn’t even do so for a child is a bit ridiculous.

    2. bag-o-dicks

      Odd that Chinese women refuse to breastfeed their babies but when some creepy official wants to pay money for a suckle then it’s tits out.

    3. Yalalabad

      I always hire -wet- nurses.

      Creative description of prostitution. I bet there is also research to alleviate symptoms of the horrible affliction called a ‘filled to the rim ball sack’. And what to think of the female condition called ‘excessive nether region wetness’.


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