Foreigner Among 2 Dead In Beijing Mall Stabbing [UPDATE: Video]

Beijing stabbing Joy City Chaoyang 1

At around 5 pm today, a mentally deranged man from Yishui, Shandong province fatally stabbed two people outside Chaoyang Joy City shopping mall in Beijing. He is currently in custody.

Among the dead is a foreigner. UPDATE, 7/23: An American, the US Embassy has confirmed. No other details are currently known.

More information as it becomes available. In the meantime, disturbing pictures of the scene are beginning to appear on Sina Weibo, which you can check out below.

Beijing stabbing Joy City Chaoyang 3  Beijing stabbing Joy City Chaoyang 2

(H/T Derrick Sobodash)

UPDATE, 7/18, 2 am: Here’s how unarmed police took down the suspect:

UPDATE, 7/18, 2:48 am: We’re reminded of the previous knife attack in Beijing just this May, when an attacker from Heilongjiang also killed two people before being suppressed by police.

The previous time a foreigner was killed in a random act of street violence was in July 2012, when an American was fatally stabbed in Xicheng district.

    6 Responses to “Foreigner Among 2 Dead In Beijing Mall Stabbing [UPDATE: Video]”

    1. Kyle

      What is sad is how the whole of China’s ultra-nationalism would rise to the point where, if this had been reversed and happened in Washington DC and had one of the victims been Chinese, the Chinese media would have it on every page of every news source, headline coverage, and multitudinous editorials about how Chinese are treated abroad.

      Heck, they wouldn’t even have to be Chinese citizens… they would simply go by blood (wait… that is what determines Chinese citizenship, so I guess it’s the same in their eyes).


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