Watch: Unarmed Beijing Police Take Down Chaoyang Joy City Killer

A man from Yishui, Shandong province fatally stabbed two people yesterday around 5 pm in front of Chaoyang Joy City, a mall near downtown Beijing. He was apprehended at the scene by unarmed police in dramatic fashion — first, slowly backed into a corner, then surrounded, then taken down. You can watch all of this happen in the above video.

The footage was first uploaded to Youku by user Kevin_Lena. The amazing part happens at the 2:25 mark: while the suspect has his back turned, an officer races forward to corral him, but loses his footing on the sloped lawn. The suspect raises his weapon above his head and appears to strike, causing a woman behind the camera to shriek. But others quickly swarm the knifeman and wrestle him to the ground before bludgeoning and kicking him.

All the while, the assailant’s two earlier victims lay bleeding.

“Attend to the people, damnit,” one man says.

“Long dead,” his female companion informs.

She must have gotten a good look at their wounds. Both who were stabbed — one of them a foreigner — indeed died of their injuries.

UPDATE, 7/18, 2:48 am: We’re reminded of the previous knife attack in Beijing just this May, when a man from Heilongjiang killed two people before being suppressed by police.

The previous time a foreigner was killed in a random act of street violence was in July 2012, when an American was fatally stabbed in Xicheng district.

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    1. Polo

      Seeing the less than 1% of foreigners around that area against the amount of stabbings, these repeated attacks are definitely racially motivated.


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