Chinese Media Believes Future Spaceships Will Look Exactly Like Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica and Chinese media

There will be no admonishing in this post, because anything that gets Battlestar Galactica in the news is a-okay by us. A recent article on the Japanese-language version of the website for the China Internet Information Center featured pictures ripped straight from BSG and passed off as futuristic military technology.

Reports SCMP:

“Are these graphics from a video game?” one netizen wrote, while others said that the pictures looked reminiscent of Macross, a Japanese animation which debuted in 1982 and featured futuristic robots and spaceships.

Eventually, savvy internet users deduced that one of the pictures was a schematic that had been used by the animation studio responsible for the visual effects in the American science fiction television programme Battlestar Galactica. The other image was a concept design for a “Lilypad” floating city, created by Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut, which has also created similar mock-up images for sustainable structures in Taipei and Shenzhen.

Frankly, that’s awesome. It sure beats falling for Borowitz Report satire or April Fools nonsense.

The article, titled “4 Major Trends In Aircraft Carrier Development,” was published on August 21. It’s too bad the editors didn’t do a bit more research and come upon the schematic for Cylon Centurians. Heads would have exploded!

We now eagerly await the follow-up report on the future of gene splicing between alien races, featuring Sarah Kerrigan.

It’s Battlestar China! Media passes off sci-fi pictures as aircraft carrier of the future (SCMP, h/t Alicia)

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