Shanghai Craigslist Ad Doesn’t Beat Around The Bush

Shanghai Craigslist ad

The start of this Craigslist ad for a “Personal Assistant to Director (Foreigner)” begins like many of these do: with insinuations (“Open Minded Ladies only”) and more insinuations (“Females only”), and a few more of those (“Age between 22 to 29… Pleasant looking, well-dressed, well-groomed”). But then, three-quarters of the way down — far enough for the poster to have finished his whiskey — the pretenses disappear:

Attending to my personal needs including sexual needs if need be. You should be open minded and willing to provide sexual favors to me and selected clients. You sohuld also be willing to accompany me to parties and dress according to my instructions and then proceed to after-party for sex afterwards. I do not need sex every day, and some times I will only require oral sex. But you should regard it as part of your job to make sure my sex needs are met, since I will be alone in China for a few months.

Disclaimer, of course, that this can be completely fake, but let’s forge on…

Qualified candidates must also provide Chinese tutoring, translation help, administrative and secretarial assistance, human resources, and companionship (“spending some time with me travelling to other parts of China for leisure purposes”). In other words, if you are the perfect woman, there’s a guy willing to pay 21,500 RMB per month in exchange for your dignity and soul.

Credit where it’s due: at least the guy’s upfront. Even if this is fake, let it stand as an example to the sex trollers out there on how these ads should be done. If you’re seeking an escort, make it clear. One would hate for a candidate, after sending in two photos and “a letter of interest describing yourself,” to hold illusions about what the job actually entails.

(H/T Abe Sauer)

    9 Responses to “Shanghai Craigslist Ad Doesn’t Beat Around The Bush”

    1. mike

      Just in case you’re wondering how all those beautiful women with absolutely no credentials got those ‘Sales Director’ and ‘Marketing Manager’ jobs (check LinkedIn for thousands of examples). It’s seriously mind blowing. I literally saw a Chinese girl today declare that her ‘New Position’ was a Patent Attorney… SHE DIDNT GO TO LAW SCHOOL!.. She has a B. Com!!

      Anyway, nothing’s legitimate in the PRC, so enjoy the fake job titles~~~ ‘Personal Assistant’ .. right. ;)

    2. The Punisher

      Post after post, comment after comment, it’s always the same thing with you people:

      “Yep, that’s China! LOL, China is such a shithole! Haha, just another day in the life in this terrible country!”

      Don’t you losers have anything better to do other than to write the same old garbage over and over again on this blog? Why do you even live in China or, even if you don’t, bother to visit this blog in the first place if you hate it so much? Fucking pathetic. Please just kill yourselves.

      • Punishing yo ass

        Sorry, mister “I love this beautiful country, nothing is wrong, I speak perfect Mandarin because I love everything here, please accept me as one of your own, please do, please do”.

      • Chinese Netizen

        A) who says everyone here lives in China?
        B) it’s FUN to post negatively. Look at the rest of my “Chinese Netizen” brethren on Chinese sites!
        C) you’re dumbass for showing your cards and letting this get to you. Fail.
        D) “punisher”…it that what you do to your little brother every night by yourself?

    3. john

      It is amazing to hear what people think of China and the people who live there….I heard some very good advice for you…if you don’t like it leave and if you just want to make negative comments, (because its fun) grow up a bit asshole….
      China is a truly magnificent country with wonderful people…..if you really want a comparison with the second most powerful country on the planet (USA) and it is a very distant second….


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