The Bo Xilai Trial Is Over, And Here Is, By Far, The Best Revelation

Wang Lijun and Gu Kailai, lovers

Bo Xilai says there was love between his wife, Gu Kailai, and Wang Lijun, his former police chief — the man who would betray him, just as she did, in her own way.

We waited four days — since the start of the trial on Thursday in Jinan, Shandong province — for a revelation this good, cutting to the inner lining of the human heart, but finally, some clarity, and a motive.

Of course the poisoning of Neil Heywood was a crime of passion. The exigencies of desire must always be answered for.

Does becoming a star politician in an authoritarian state numb one’s soul to the travails, the lashes of love? Does it dull the capricious beast, the jealous heart?


Bo Xilai has a love story to his name, and now one must be written for his wife. A lonely woman who was cheated on, hurt in ways worse than death. A flamboyant man, a police chief, with a knack for trenchcoats and drama – and open arms. A story of passion and betrayal, of blood and backstabbing, set to the backdrop of the inner court in the People’s Republic of China.

It could be all bullshit. But please don’t tell me if so.

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