A Young Female Exhibitionist Is On The Loose In Shanghai

Shanghai exhibitionist 1

Described by Shanghai Daily as striking “sexy” poses around Hengshan Road in Shanghai, a young woman has been stripping for bar-goers late at night, for reasons unknown. Let the speculation begin about her motives:

The sets of photographs have triggered online debate, with some web users saying the woman is damaging morals.

There was also speculation about her motives — including performance art, commercial or exhibitionism.

“She might be hired by a pornographic website to attract public attention as a promotion,” one web user told Shanghai Daily, “Or she might be an exhibitionist.”

Other questions: Who is this girl? Does she speak? Who’s the photographer? Why isn’t this happening in Beijing?

And – the real Q on your mind, this we know because you’re a lewd, lascivious lot — what does she look like?

Check it out for yourself — these pics are via Sina (maybe NSFW):

Shanghai exhibitionist 2
Shanghai exhibitionist 3
Shanghai exhibitionist 4
Shanghai exhibitionist 5
Shanghai exhibitionist 6
Shanghai exhibitionist 7
Shanghai exhibitionist 8
Shanghai exhibitionist 9

Online exposure for female exhibitionist (Shanghai Daily; top image via China.org)

    7 Responses to “A Young Female Exhibitionist Is On The Loose In Shanghai”

    1. terroir

      To all the prudes who think this is “immoral behavior”:

      stop talking about it. Stop posting stories about it. Stop making this into a bigger story than it actually is.

      The story isn’t that some chick (who looks smoking hot BTW) is going naked around Shangers, but that there are people who are still offended by such a thing – AND want more such coverage so that they can continue to vent said outrage.

      What’s to be upset about? “My goodness – the pron of the internet! It’s becoming true to life!”

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