Beastly 5-Kilogram Rat Caught In Central China, Allegedly Eaten

Huge rat in China killed

The Hunan-based Sanxiang Metropolis Daily brings us this picture of a 5.1-kilogram, 90-centimeter-long (nearly a meter!) rat that you just might be seeing in your nightmares.

On the afternoon of September 25, villagers in Shaoyang, Hunan province found this beast diving for fish in a pond. Villagers reportedly had been on the lookout because they were routinely losing fish and didn’t know why.

They saw two ginormous rats and managed to capture and at least the one above.

Some villagers have reportedly speculated that this freakish creature — “Godzilla rat,” as Want China Times puts it – may have been introduced from elsewhere (America was specifically cited, though who knows).

In the second-to-last paragraph, Sanxiang Metropolis Daily reports that a few villagers cooked the rat that same night and downed it with alcohol. (Hang on a sec while my stomach squrims.) Because the rat’s bones were too big, two knives were broken — I’m just reporting what’s in Sanxiang Metropolis Daily — while chopping the meat.

Is Godzilla rat more or less frightening than killer hornets the size of adult human palms? You decide!

Large hornets vs rats

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    1. 黄帝

      yummy – sustainable protein !!!
      and the village idiots did jot keep it alive to breed a herd of raw material for HFR (Hunan Fried Rats …..


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