Boris Johnson Rides Beijing Subway, Ogles Tea Lady

Oh Boris. He of this hilarious Sina Weibo account is in Beijing this week for trade talks, and isn’t it just so like him to bring an entourage of reporters onto already-congested Subway Line 1 to do… what is the point of this video, exactly?

Just skip ahead to the final three seconds of it, beginning at 0:50. Trust me, just do that, and you’ll be fine.

SCMP reports that Johnson came away with the impression that Beijing subway is “crowded.”

“It was not the peak hour, yet the traffic was comparable to the rush hour in London,” he said.

Dude. You’ve seen nothing.

In other news, Daily Mail has this photo of the London mayor:

Boris Johnson and tea lady

But don’t sweat it, Mr. Johnson. Former president Hu Jintao’s been photographed taking a much bigger eye-chomp out of his tea-server:

Hu Jintao stares at tea lady

Fun fact: this site already has Boris Johnson as a tag. Check it out.

(H/T Shanghaiist)

    2 Responses to “Boris Johnson Rides Beijing Subway, Ogles Tea Lady”

    1. mike

      Not sure who this guy is but

      a)congrats on getting into China, good luck with the whole chopstick thing
      b)a modern subway system in Beijing…? we can only dream of such a thing


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