Chainsaw Brought Out To Dislodge Rake Jammed Up Henan Man’s Butt

Rake up butt chainsaw

This is via tt.mop, and it’s sort of uncomfortable to look at. But the chainsaw provides one hell of a comic relief. Wait, chainsaw. What?

Our tipster writes, “Chainsaw indicates a lack of knowledge regarding severe vibrations close to internal organs.”

Story: on Saturday, a dude in Zhumadian, Henan province reportedly accidentally sat on a rake while drunk, which (if you believe the story) officially makes his drinking story better than yours. The 37-year-old needed four hours of surgery to have the 28-centimeter handle removed from his anus. We’re not sure how the chainsaw played a part.

The man seems to be okay, though he remains under observation for infections.

There’s a more graphic picture over on tt.mop, so click the above if you’d like to see it.

(H/T Ash)

    3 Responses to “Chainsaw Brought Out To Dislodge Rake Jammed Up Henan Man’s Butt”

    1. name

      Oh, com’on! Actually the original article says “almost 20 cm” of the handle penetrated his anus. For a lot of people, that would be a successful night out.

    2. terroir

      I completely agree that everything on tt.mop is the putrid diarrhea of a desiccated fly. But, this story isn’t just on mop, but around “mainstream” news outlets like sohu and ifeng and qq and … well, everyone.

      If you take it from those guys, the story goes into more detail – all medical, like which hospital he went to, the two medical experts that helped him, the fire brigade that was brought in, more photographs, the added details that the handle didn’t pierce any organs but instead the base of his spine and touched upon his spinal nerve… you know, news stuff.

      There is lots of bullshit out there. tt.mop is one of those places. So let’s not go there.

    3. King Tubby

      To repeat. What’s the problem here? The rescue guy is using a Stihl and not some cheap arsed Chinese chainsaw.


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