Goddamnit, Squat Toilet

Everyone has their China cliche of choice that, despite annoying family, friends, and everyone, they return to again and again because life is hard and we need vents to lessen the psychological pressures of being alive. For most expats, it’s pollution, i.e. complaining about it. For me, it’s the squat toilet, i.e. hating the very concept with every poor muscle and fiber of my inevitably-sore-after-using lower body.

It’s with no small shudder that I pass along this story of a three-year-old boy who got “stuck in squat toilet,” as reported by ITN.

“Oh no, it’s happened again,” says the voice-over by Sarah Kerr. What do you mean again? This is, like, a thing?

Luckily, we then find out that she only means children getting stuck in odd places, not necessarily squat toilets. Because to be stuck anywhere else, even in railings, walls, and air-conditioning units, whew, at least it’s not a squat toilet. These filthy, filthy things.

(H/T Shanghaiist)

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