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Laowai Comics is a biweekly webcomic. Beijing Cream is proud to debut its Thursday comic every week. Full archives here.

Thanks to Reddit user TeaDrinkerToo for this idea.

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(Monday’s comic)

    23 Responses to “Laowai Comics: Laowai Tennis”

    1. expat101

      You are a subhuman, even lower as most chinese people. Nobody needs people like you in China, what are you anyway? An English teacher on tourit visa earning 6000 Kuai a month?

      People like you loose the face of all westerners, why we experienced expats try our best to gain more by supporting the chinese economy.

      • CJ

        Seriously…get a grip. A subhuman? Loose the face? Are you trying to be oh so sneaky by faking your expat status or are you really that stupid? All hail the mighty Chinese economy, the primary reason why I am in China.

        Political correctness has gone too far. This offends no one and is good clean fun. This is damn close to what would happen in the situation. 6000 kuai buys a lot of baozi, so there!

        Oh yeah…I missed one. Even lower as most Chinese people? What does that even mean? Are you implying that Chinese people are subhuman. Or barely human?

      • rageMeh

        His earning 6000 kuai a month would determine his worth as a human being? Worried that he might make you “loose” face? Are you sure you’re an expat?

      • matt

        I found it really funny, Infact i have played this ‘game’ before. It’s true people look at you then your mate and so on and so forth, The one Rainy ‘translates’.

        Nothing subhuman about people eavesdropping on others conversations then taking out of context words and putting two and two together…

    2. Terrible.

      STOP MAKING COMICS. Put the pen down and step away. You are horrible at it. You can’t draw. You are not funny. You are not clever. You are not interesting.

      • LCG

        STOP COMMENTING. Just drink a shotglass full of poison and end it right the fuck here. You are horrible at it. You can’t write. You can’t bring anything to the discussion. You are cocktarded. You are a waste of DNA.

        • Poison? Really?

          Weak comeback, dude.

          Also, I just went to your site for the first time. You spelled lychee wrong (Litchee??? Damn). Give Chinese children a chance, stop trying to teach them English.

          Your life as depicted in your scribbles, makes me sad. You are the person people are making fun of when they talk smack about loser laowai English teachers.

          Also, your comics are humorless.

          • LCG

            WTF is up with that huge hate-boner that “enlightened expats” such as yourself sprout whenever they talk about English teachers?! Get over it. And who said I teach English, you presumptuous cock?

            My comics are humorless, sure, I’ll take your word for it and ignore all the random people who write me fanmail. You must be the king of all things funny. Care to show me where’s your vast body of comedy-related work, so I can learn from the master?

            • LCG

              I do teach English to kindergarten students. But I can’t get a better job, so I am happy to get 4000RMB per month and share an apartment with another foreign teacher in a village in Heilongjiang.

    3. xiaochacha

      Dang massive comments section win, love “expat101″‘s failed attempts at posing as an “experienced expat” hahahaha so epic. Laowai Comics forever, any haters are nationalist xenophobic wumao douche’s.

      • Chinese Netizen

        Actually I believe all the haters are actual “lao wai” and not at all nationalistic nor xenophobic wu mao types.

    4. King Baeksu

      Why does the guy on the left look fairly clean-cut and friendly when he’s speaking, but then have a demented glare and pronounced five o’clock shadow when he’s just listening?

      Does the social status inherent in speaking fluent English produce a kind of Charisma Man effect?


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