Shanghai Exhibitionist Arrested While Bathing, Naked, In Public Fountain [UPDATE]

The lovely young woman who’s been flashing late-night revelers in Shanghai has been detained — maybe.

The video above shows someone — a naked young woman, certainly — being taken in by authorities after she was caught bathing naked in a public fountain. Is it the original Shanghai streaker though, or merely a copycat?

According to this Liveleak video description, “This video claims to show her arrest as she bathes in a very public fountain. There is some conjecture, however, as to whether this is the actual Shanghai Streaker or not…many claiming she is still at large.”

We can only hope. Stay tuned for updates, and as always, let us know if you’ve seen this gal.


UPDATE, 10/17, 1:51 am: That is indeed an old video, from February 2012, it turns out. Thanks to @iChinadian for pointing it out for us, and apologies about suggesting it was the Shanghai exhibitionist. The good news is, she’s still on the loose.

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