David Cameron Is In China, On Sina Weibo, And Hated By Global Times

David Cameron in Beijing

UK Prime Minister David Cameron arrived in Beijing yesterday to boost China-UK relations — to “appease” Beijing, as Western media types would put it — and to back a new EU-China free trade agreement. A few days before, on November 29, Cameron opened a Sina Weibo account, with the first message reading: “Hello my friends in China. I’m pleased to have joined Weibo and look forward to visiting China very soon.” That’s some high-level international diplomacy there. We’re all sufficiently impressed, yes?

Perhaps there is no need to talk about “sincerity” in terms of Sino-British relations. What Cameron does is out of his own political interest and the UK’s national interest. His visit this time can hardly be the end of the conflict between China and the UK.

Wha–? Where is this coming from, Global Times? The above, if you haven’t figured it out, is via a Global Times editorial published today. Can we throw in a veiled threat, GT?

Beijing needs to speed up the pace of turning its strength into diplomatic resources and make London pay the price for when it intrudes into the interests of China.

So the UK will definitely intrude into the interest of China? That’s Beijing’s assumption? What are we talking about here?

China has gained some achievement in countering European leaders’ moves of meeting with the Dalai Lama.

Right. The Dalai fucking Lama. That guy. China comes out of this episode looking comically immature. Never mind that, yes, the Dalai Lama is plainly a political figure who probably doesn’t deserve the attention he gets; the important point is, what does China think it achieves by bullying first-world leaders into not meeting him?

Is the Dalai Lama going to ask for weapons or a blackhawk? The article goes on to address Hong Kong, Global Times continues to be GT until the end:

China has believed in “diplomacy is no small matter,” while after years of ups and downs, we have acquired the strategic confidence that “diplomacy is no big matter.” China will act accordingly given how it is treated.

p.s. Where is David Cameron now?

    6 Responses to “David Cameron Is In China, On Sina Weibo, And Hated By Global Times”

    1. MrC

      UK comes with its Iron bowl to China.
      Cap in hand.
      Throw us a bone please.
      Common sense.
      unlike the US cock in hand. Doomed to implode sending even more losers to China (no offense Tao but your here now , wind ya neck in an suck it up.)
      Where is Cameron now? enjoying freedoms to go wonder about China and not worry about security.
      Probably the only place in the world he can.

      • Ick

        What drives this narrative obsession with “losers come to China”? It seems to be a sino-American thing so I assume it’s a combination of executives terrified that the locals will be unable to distinguish them from someone earning less than ten grand a month and privileged locals resentful of any non-wealth derived cachet.

    2. Owain

      Watching the BBC news report on Cameron in China from the UK – they keep referring to this Chinese newspaper which mockingly referred to the UK as “an old European power, which is good for studying in and travelling to”. I wonder if they know this was the ever-credible Global Times?

      • Ick

        Chinese soft power at it’s best. The trouble is these loonatic publications are state controlled and generally used to disseminate propaganda unlike say the Sun or Fox, which makes their nationalist ravings doubly offensive. The govt should really either hire western editors or PR firms to manage them or close the English tabloids. I can’t imagine they make any money and actively harm the PRC’s image.

    3. ExX

      David Cameron needs to go back sucking on Dalai Lama’s ass juice. Let trade between UK & China drop to zero. After all he is a man among man without need to trade with China.


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