Totally Wrong But Genius Test Answers Includes This One In Chinese

Genius test answer

The above is only marginally China/Chinese related, but there is so much genius here that you’ll excuse me. Every parent should assign grades to his of her kid’s work that supplements the teacher’s grade, and so many of these deserve A’s.

38 Test Answers That Are 100% Wrong But Totally Genius At The Same Time (Distractify)

Strongest force on earth

    6 Responses to “Totally Wrong But Genius Test Answers Includes This One In Chinese”

    1. Ick

      Not sure I get the joke, though it is odd seeing a Chinese student writing in 繁体字。 I used to write far stupider crap when I was learning, I think because being a language student is actually a rather infantilizing process it rather encourages you to write childishly.

    2. terroir

      “but hey, don’t worry, only ten people a day get hurt”
      “even though my English isn’t very good, I can still understand the white man talk”

      This kid is golden.


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