Good Laowai In Tianjin Lend A Dozen Helping Hands

Sometimes, when life throws you an obstacle, simply call on a dozen people to move said obstacle out of the way. In Tianjin on Sunday morning, a van parked in front of a building blocked a coach bus from leaving the enclosed lot via the only road out. That bus happened to be carrying more than two dozen Beijing Ultimate Frisbee players who were in town for a tournament. They had an idea.

We like this video because of how happy everyone is, especially the man laughing hysterically behind the camera (that would be Ken Dry). Look at all those form-perfect high-fives. You know what, people? Life’s okay sometimes.

Ultimate Frisbee players help move van

UPDATE, 3:56 pm: Disclosure: I play on this team, called Big Brother. We won this tournament, probably thanks to karma.

Also… for the disc geeks out there:

Brodie Smith favorites Beijing Cream tweet

This guy.

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