Stephon Marbury Is Now An Honorary Beijing Citizen, Has Key To City

Stephon Marbury made honorary Beijing citizen

After leading Beijing to its first Chinese Basketball Association championship two years ago, Stephon Marbury was given his own bronze statue. We wondered, after his second CBA title, how Beijing would honor its adopted Coney Island point guard, and now we know: by giving him a key to the city.

As CRI English reports:

The Honorary Citizen award aims to recognize and acknowledge the contributions made by foreigners, overseas Chinese and people from Hong Kong and Macao towards the development of the city.

Marbury was honored in a ceremony attended by Beijing mayor Wang Anshun, pictured above. Here he is showing off his key as Beijing’s newest citizen:

Stephon Marbury made honorary Beijing citizen and given key to city

Afterwards he went on social media to praise the fans:

The key of the city of BEIJING belongs to the people. I’m thankful that you opened your hearts to me when I first entered the country. The love has stayed consistent and I’m blessed to be here. #LOVE IS LOVE#

Stephon Marbury made honorary citizen, thanks the people

Interestingly enough, while he’s been posting consistently on Weibo, his Twitter account has been quiet since March 20. (Twitter’s blocked in China of course, but one figures Marbury has a VPN.) Maybe he simply realizes where his supporters are:

Stephon Marbury has Weibo fans

Marbury Becomes Honorary Citizen of Beijing (CRI)

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    1. mike

      Wicked, so he does this mean he won’t get hassled at the 派出所? Suh-weet!! Who knows, maybe he’ll have access to every restaurant in town! Not too shabby! :D


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