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    41 Responses to “Laowai Comics: Race Trolling”

      • D

        China is one of the only places I’ve been where it’s socially acceptable for people to declare that black people are evolutionarily closer to monkeys than men, and *no one* bats an eye because – again, generally – everyone agrees it’s true.

        Being bad doesn’t change the fact that it happens.

        • name

          My Chinese boss once remarked, half seriously and half jokingly, that “you white people” (I am not exactly white, but let’s move on) don’t walk as straight as the Chinese because we came down from trees later than them.

    1. Effeminate Steve

      Connexion? Does anyone really spell it like that? Surely not even American English teachers are that bad? And where’s the translation of the last frame? You can guess what it was but why translate one and not the other? Load of old pointless and predictable shit. Ooooh, look at him spitting/that kid pissing/that guy from the countryside who’s barely seen the wider world being offensive by our standards, etc. I’m not usually a fan, just to fit in with others because I’m effeminate and insecure, but this time…well….what a cunt! Steve.

    2. HePing

      This is lazy and racist on many levels.

      I had hoped that Beijing Cream had stopped publishing this rubbish, but sadly it seems to have returned.

    3. mr3

      The comic shows one of the differences between Chinese people and foreigners.In China,local people like to accost strangers no matter what they are doing,which is considered to be rude in many other countries.In my opinion,Chinese people should learn to give room for others in public place and be polite when they are talking to strangers.As for the foreign visitors,they should be used to the way Chinese people greet each others.

    4. PureTalent

      It is rare to find an artist who is able to perform consistently. Most artists will churn out mediocre pieces and perhaps a single excellent work of art every now and then. But this guy, he’s able to produce rubbish so consistently. It’s almost like he’s turned his art into factory work. Another week, another piece of shit, and next week we’ll get another piece of shit. Collect them all!

      • Kill Me

        It amazes me too. I like to imagine a perfect world when I read these. By a perfect world, I mean a world in which LCG is entirely aware at how terrible these webturds are, and he makes them with a carefully calculated formula and piercing insight, intentionally producing something that’s the epitome of bad and thus guaranteed to evoke dismay and vitriol among its readers.

        Unfortunately we’re all stuck in the real world, where this dumb dick has no idea how much every facet of his being sucks.

    5. Immy Zhang

      LOL. Chinese can laugh at black people freely not only beacause they are too far away us but that we never consider the black as an inferior race. Maybe only those with racial discrimination are calling for racial equality!

      • ICB

        I call bullshit on that. Chinese people definitely look down on black people. Many Chinese places won’t even hire foreigners who are black and are definitely more suspicious of them.

        Having said that, I don’t think Chinese are more racist than others. They’re just pretty new to people with different skin colors. You’ll find the same attitudes among people in Africa and in Europe/USA who barely have any contact with foreigners. (Apart from news articles which are always negative.)

    6. Bridget Dong

      I’m a student of a very international university. There are so many foreign students in our school including friends from Africa. In Chinese students’ eyes, there is no difference between people from Africa and America or Europe. But every time when we get out with foreign friends I and my Chinese schoolmates feel that African people are so sensitive. They will get angry or unhappy just because one word or one expression of us. They always think that we are looking down on them because of their skin color while actually we are not.
      This phenomenon that the race trolling comics reflects maybe do exists in China but only in a very light degree. Most Chinese are kind and hospitable. And all the not good feelings just because they think they are discriminated.

      • Chinese Netizen

        I’m going to guess the “artist” of this “comic” is now forcing his students to read and analyze these “comics” with comments as a form of extra credit exercise.

      • jahar

        I’ve never heard of “very international university.” Sounds like a good one. The Africans at your school are probably sensitive because they get tired of people pointing and shouting, “黑人!黑人!” Asking them questions like “为什么你那么黑?太黑了!我喜欢白。不喜欢黑。”

      • jixiang

        Quite frankly, I am fed up with Chinese people saying things like “most Chinese are kind and hospitable” without really thinking about what they are saying.

        If you’ve never been a foreigner in China, how do you know that? You don’t know what it means to be a foreigner here. Some Chinese are kind and hospitable, but some are unkind, and there certainly is a lot of prejudice against foreigners, mostly due to the way history is taught in Chinese schools.

        I agree that some Africans are also too sensitive, and are always convinced everyone’s racist against them. I’ve encountered that with African students in China. Having said that, there are a lot of Chinese who do look down on black people, and think that they are uncivilized and at the lowest rung of the ladder. And sometimes the Chinese have a way of treating people who look different in a way which is rude and judgmental, laughing and pointing, and black people suffer from this more than other foreigners.

    7. Susie Chen

      Though this is a short comic,it means a lot.Maybe that Chinese just had dim eyesight at that moment.But it reflects a kind of prejudice or discrimination towards black people.That’s an odd and fogyish behavior in today’s world,an inclusive,equal world.All members of society ,whatever their skin color,nation of origin,ethnicity or beliefs,are granted equal respect.I am mostly ashamed that some Chinese lack the sense of equality.I hope that everyone in the world can live together in harmony,regardless of his or her race or skin color!

    8. Turncoat

      LCG’s latest thought provoking piece has encouraged debate. Much needed discussion on racial issues in China. I applaud him for that. It’s like when my dog curls out a stop-start turd on the street that looks like a question mark. Should I chastise my canine pal? Should I scoop and bag the poo up? Or should I leave that festering statement there on the pavement for pedestrians to remark upon, busy folk to step in, and children to play with and get in their eyes?

      • Francis

        I’m an African American, and I advise you to bag that turd the hell up, before I step in it. I’m not making this a racial issue, but just because your dog can shit out question marks, it doesn’t mean that others want to see, smell or step in them. My dog back home used to regularly spit out ass- exclamation marks, but I would always scoop them up and dispose of them responsibly. I suggest that you do the same. Thanks.

        • Rupert

          Hi. I agree with Francis. And yay Effeminate Steve! You rock! More power to your elbow, with your rough, forthright views and your appropriately coarse language. You really hit the spot. Call me!

    9. Wun Hung Lo

      Hello my name Excelsior and per usual I am you know most discontented with the writing of the article of this comicwriter. They is most likely angry laowai and not to be seen China as the whole of the 5000 years of history. How tobe sure he have even been this experience actually?? I think not so haha. But that is the question & it is a question. And how you call nong? Now you call nong to this? Hippo crit. Go home and be a family man.

    10. Mutumbo

      I is most upset by this comic. Don’t feel like doing business wit you no more. Let’s make it right bruther. My cousin got something e needs brought in from Africa to beijing. Elp im out and we call it even. Dis stuff is new supply, best quality.

    11. SingaporeSteve

      Heywhatsup man! I don’t get da joke la. Why is da man a nong? I don’t think he is worldly. Definitely not a good cook la!

    12. weixinfag

      Sheeeeeeee Jeeeenpiiiiiiing! Sheeeeee Jeeennpinnnng! Kuai guo lai! You ren cheeefooo wohmen zhongguoren. Sheeeee Jeeeeeeenpeeeeeng!

    13. King Tubby

      Crikey, the Brothers and Sisters get off lightly.

      Try being a Uighur.

      But yes, sino-subjects have issues with folk from Africa.

      Especially if you are a Chinese male watching your gf shaking it with a black dude on the dance floor.

      And, to make it worse, he probably scored a touch down after the night club gig was over.

      Empirical observation, children.


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