There Are Worse Ways China Could Have Lost Than This

Wang Dalei shouldn’t be too hard on himself for letting this ball go through, because… holy shit, Tim Cahill!

Tim Cahill bicycle kick goal

Logically speaking, all things considered, China has no reason to lament this result in what was its most meaningful soccer game in a long time. But they’ll probably look back and realize what a real opportunity they had to steal one. In the first half, China controlled more than 77 percent of possession, featuring an outstanding scoring chance in the 20th minute following a nifty build-up.

But Australia had its moments, too, and probably would have put one in if not for the brilliance of Wang Dalei in goal. One got the sense, watching, that it would require a flash of brilliance to break the deadlock.

And then… Cahill. The 35-year-old’s 49th-minute bicycle-kick goal gave Australia its first goal. He would add another, a header, in the 65th minute to give the Socceroos their final 2-0 margin.

Some game highlights:

    5 Responses to “There Are Worse Ways China Could Have Lost Than This”

    1. King Tubby

      20% of the worlds population is Chinese and this loss to a very average football nation represents the Great Leap Forward.

      You’re winding us up, right?

      Location Note: the game was played at Lang Park.

    2. jixiang

      China played alright in the first half, but completely came apart after the first goal. They seemed to lack a player who could really make the difference. I was most impressed by their goalkeeper.

      In any case, they are still a disappointing team. And they even have a French coach. You wonder what it’s going to take.

      • Owain Lloyd-Williams

        Their French coach is none other than Alain Perrin who isn’t exactly coveted by any stretch of the imagination and is known in the English speaking world mainly for what was a disastrous spell in charge at Portsmouth several years ago. Perhaps they’re being more low key with their foreign managers after the Camacho fiasco!

    3. Eleven Jeenping

      Can anyone guess where the next Tiger is coming from?

      The Chinese Soccerball Association has lost Chinar’s face for too long.


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