Xinhua News Calls US “A Butt”

Xinhua tweet US a butt

At some point, you think maybe Xinhua would stop letting the more unsavory of their foreign copyeditors access the Twitter account. That point is not today.

Quoting from the full article, “Commentary: Preaching of “China military threat” makes U.S. a butt,” by Zhu Junqing:

The allegation, along with its outcry over Chinese military budget and so called “cyber attack,” only makes Uncle Sam a butt and exposes its consistent indecent tactics in addressing China’s peaceful development.


(H/T Every foreign correspondent on Twitter)

    9 Responses to “Xinhua News Calls US “A Butt””

    1. Sean collins

      Theres an article on VICE somewhere about the guys who run xinhua’s twitter account. It was pretty funny

      • RhZ

        The funniest part was when the writer identified himself as ‘a journalist’. Maybe he has an actual background in journalism but that job does not permit him to consider himself as such. A hack would have been much closer to the truth.

        Ah, its ok, they all end up burning out their liver or their personal relationships fall apart and they move on to the next stage in their ‘career’. No harm no foul, right? Even people with serious mental deficiencies ought to be able to work and make money for themselves, I say.

      • MCB

        Sean, I looked on the Vice website but can’t seem to find the article you’re referring to. Would you happen to know where I can find it? It sounds hilarious, and I’ve always wondered what kind of person would willingly work for Xinhua.

    2. Cum Bucket

      An instant, and typical “follow the sheep” American assumption that “butt” in this context means ass. But that’s not necessarily so.
      Sometimes I’m not sure whose English usage is worse; Chinese, or Americans.
      PS: In the name “Beijing Cream” do you actually refer to Anthony Tao’s jizz?


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