The Government Hates That Uniqlo Sex Video. Let’s All Go Have Sex In Uniqlo

Government angered by Uniqlo sex video

It doesn’t have to be Uniqlo. (Actually, better if it isn’t – spread the wealth.) It doesn’t even have to be a dressing room. But here’s an honest chance for us, the little people, to make a real difference in the fight against censorship: we can — by a simple bit of sex in a public place, a camera phone, and an Internet connection — show the world just how fucking dumb this fucking government can sometimes fucking be.

Apologies for the split infinitives.

We’ve been trying to do it with our page of porn sites not blocked in China (“We hate Internet censorship, of course, but so should the censors: it doesn’t work”), but this is much more effective. If you choose the video route and can sneak in a “we will be together,” that’s cool, but it’s unnecessary. Pictures will do. Post them. We’ll do it for you if you’d like.

Uniqlo sex

Go do this. If you need a reason why, be reassured that you’re ruining the day for benighted bureaucrats who believe in “socialist core values,” and if they want their socialist values so bad, they can leave the sex to us and all just go fuck themselves.

“The vulgar video had spread like a virus online and clashed with socialist core values,” Xu Feng, a director at the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), was quoted as saying by the Global Times newspaper.

The government would “continue to crack down on vulgar materials online and safeguard the cyber environment,” Feng vowed. Beijing police are reportedly investigating who made the film and how it appeared on the internet.

(Above quote from the Guardian.)

Also, if you see a shirt available on Tmall or Taobao, BUY IT. It won’t be available for long.

Uniqlo sex t-shirt

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