Stabbing Outside Sanlitun Uniqlo in Beijing [UPDATE: Video]

Sanlitun Uniqlo stabbing

As heard on social media, there was a stabbing this morning outside the Uniqlo in Sanlitun, one of the busiest areas of foot traffic and commerce in Beijing. Police appear to have subdued the assailant and roped off the area.

Sina Weibo is still all about the Tianjin explosion last night, but more information to come on this stabbing as it becomes available.

For now, some pictures culled from Twitter:

Sanlitun Uniqlo stabbing 3 Sanlitun Uniqlo stabbing 2 Sanlitun Uniqlo stabbing 4

UPDATE, 1:13 pm: Um, is that a katana?

Sanlitun Uniqlo stabbing 5

Police seem to have the situation under control:

Sanlitun Uniqlo stabbing 6

Some more pictures:

Sanlitun Uniqlo stabbing 8 Sanlitun Uniqlo stabbing 10 Sanlitun Uniqlo stabbing 9

UPDATE, 2:10 pm: Here’s a video of the moment the man is arrested after stabbing two people. He appears to simply give himself in.

Here’s another video taken just moments before the one above. It’s graphic.

UPDATE, 8/14, 10:54 am: How this story unfolded on WeChat.

The man is said to be a 25-year-old named Mr. Gao. Via Guardian:

Police said the attacker was from Tonghua, a city in the north-eastern province of Jilin.

Friends of the woman, who is thought to work as a tattoo artist in Beijing, posted messages on social media expressing their shock. Addressing the female victim one wrote: “You have to wake up and make me a tattoo, bless, my thought is with you.”

    2 Responses to “Stabbing Outside Sanlitun Uniqlo in Beijing [UPDATE: Video]”

    1. Scared to go to Sanlitun

      Chinese media reported the woman was the man’s ex-wife. He stabbed her because he was mad that she left him. How do we know the truth?


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